“Consent is simple. If it’s not yes, it’s no.”

Project consent,  a non-profit, volunteer-based campaign that aims to combat and deconstruct rape culture, released three videos that illustrate what consent means. The videos transmit the very straightforward concept that consent is not complicated. 

In June of 2014, Project Consent began as a simple statement to open up discussion of a consent-based culture.

Echoing the campaign made in May 2015 where consent was explained with tea, these safe-for-work videos depict various life situation played where a no should be enough!




The videos were produced by Toronto-based advertising company Juniper Park/TBWA. “The goal of the campaign is to get people to see consent differently,”Chief Creative Officer of Juniper Park/TBWA Terry Drummond said in a statement to Fast Company. “It isn’t a messy and complicated issue. Again, it’s simple. If it’s not yes, it’s no.”

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