Among the Indie porn scene, there are many amazing productions to discover. And there is A Four Chambered Heart, an UFO to watch closely.

Focusing on high-quality short productions, the crowdfunded project creates a mix between sex, organic material and music. Vex Ashley, the co-owners, performer and cam-girl answers the question of Mutine.

How would you introduce A Four Chambered Heart to someone which never heard about your work?  

We’re a creative DIY pornography project!

Your movies are very visually oriented, pretty close to video-clip atmosphere. Can you explain us why you pay such a special attention to details?

We definitely tend to focus on the atmosphere of sex rather than the immediate explicitness. I think on more traditional porn sets, the camera shows everything at once – so you get these bright lit sets with faces, bodies, penetration all in one shot. The way we shoot is more ambiguous, we use blurs and close ups so that your imagination has to work to fill in the scene. It highlights things like breathing, eye contact, touches that are sometimes ignored.

Which advice would you give to “traditional porn” scene?  

It would be

don’t be scared to expand and change! Modern porn is already starting to look pretty different, we need more variety, more voices. Look at live-camming and clip selling, two of the fastest growing parts of the industry, that’s all porn that’s created by the performers themselves. Giving performers more autonomy, democratizing and diversifying is the way forward!

What is your definition of the “indie porn movement” ?

It’s anyone making their own space, finding new ways of doing things, new perspectives.

We love Music at Mutine, what are you favorite bands?

I listen to a lot of sad sad songs. I love music that tells stories so Fiona Apple, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen etc. The teenage goth in me will always have space for Nine Inch Nails and Tool.

Speaking about music, your soundtracks are always very deep and creative, who is in charge of the music of your productions?

Well, we’re mostly just two people so we just spent lots of time searching! It’s the hardest thing to get right and it takes a lot of time, but “when it’s right, it’s right”. Music creates the atmosphere. It’s so important in creating the intensity of a moment. It has such a big effect on the mood of a shoot.

Vex, you are also performing as a cam-girl, what is the most attractive side of it, and the one you would like to change?

Camming can be really wonderful and stressful simultaneously! Surprisingly, it’s more about being social than it is about sex. Being to talk a lot and goof around, both of which are my strengths. On the hard days it’s very hard. I don’t get to cam as much as I’d like anymore because I’m too busy with Four Chambers but it has a pretty really special place in my heart and in lots of ways it’s really the future of adult entertainment.

Which of your productions would you recommend as an introduction to A Four Chambered Heart work?

I couldn’t pick just one they’re all different! I think the Proximity series is our entry level, that gives a good idea of how we work. It just gets weirder from there…

You can find Vex Ashley’s playlist here.


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